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We combine local experience with global standards

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Medical Services Tailored to Support from Start to Finish

HiRO CSMA team offers experienced and comprehensive medical services throughout the entire study period. Our services include medical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, KOL engagement, NMPA/CDE meeting support, training, medical consultation and strategy,  clinical development planning, and more.

Benefit from our extensive network of global and local partnerships. We have established collaborations with MORE Health, a global digital healthcare company with 10,000+ contracted physicians and key opinion leaders. Additionally, we have strong connections with CROs based in Asia, Australia, the US, Europe, and other regions, along with a network of contracted consultants and sites worldwide, ensuring broad support for your medical service initiatives.

We offer customized and innovative medical services tailored to your specific needs. Our range of services includes scientific and medical advice for translational studies and incubation of novel products, study design, review, optimization, and access to a scientific advisory board. We strive to provide comprehensive support throughout the medical service lifecycle.

Our collaborative approach brings together clients/sponsors, clinical science and medical affairs, regulatory affairs, data science, and start-up clinical operations into an integrated working team. This synergy ensures a tailored and resourceful approach to achieve success in medical services.

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Our Capabilities and Strengths

We are trusted by clients for accountable teamwork, efficient innovation, and extensive expertise in academic, clinical, and industry realms.

  • Average of 15+ years of career experience across life science industries, academia, and clinical settings.
  • Average of 10+ years of industry experience in global pharmaceutical companies and CROs.
  • Average of 5+ years of academic research experience, including translational studies.
  • Average of 5+ years of clinical experience in major hospitals across different clinical departments.
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Driving Clinical Excellence: Harness the Power of Our Expert Consultation

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